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Apartment buildings overlooking a river


The smart property investor is one who doesn’t try and re-invent the wheel. I do realize this is a bit more difficult to do in Germany. If I was investing in property in America there are loads of books courses, people I can reach out. But if I want to invest in a property in Germany it’s a bit tougher as there is very little written for the non German property investor. But not to fear there are several things you can do

The first and foremost thing you can do is to buy my book, 


But outside of that:

Read German books on property investment
Research “buying an apartment in Berlin”
Google “buy a house in Germany”
Contact real estate offices
Read Blogs and Forums
Finding the right information

When I first starting researching German property investing I was a bit surprised to discover how many books were written in German. Quite a few are available as PDFs which means you can buy the book as a pdf, convert it to word (using google docs) and run it through google translate. To be honest it can be a little rough at times. But I found between what Google was able to translate and by using an online dictionary and occasionally asking questions online I was able to learn quite a bit

A more reasonable alternative is to Google “buying property in Berlin”, or “Berlin real estate” or even “buying property in Germany”. You’ll find loads of information in English. The only negative is most of the information is sales based

Another option for research is to contact real estate offices and ask questions. If you Google Invest in Berlin you’ll get loads of links to English companies marketing to non Germans. Drop them in email and ask if you can speak with someone

You can contact German real estate agents as many speak good English. A little trick I learned years ago is to ask if they speak a little English – be careful not to ask if they speak English as Germans will take this to mean are you fluent, and will probably say no.



 This is definitely an overused word but there are a lot of non German and even some German speaking investors who are willing and able to answer questions. Reach out to bloggers, authors, real estate investment companies. No one minds answering a few questions or giving advice to someone new. Make sure before ending the call to ask if there is anyone they can suggest you can contact and do they mind if you follow up.

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