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Here is an overview of the products available on our website.
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Product Overview -3

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Tricks and Bricks Germany The Expat Guide to Renting (PDF or Print) This guide gives you all the tools you need to understand your rights as an expat and offers a step-by-step process from beginning to end. Includes a 15€ discount on the purchase of the VIP bundle
75 Practical, Actionable Insights from the Frontline of Property Investments
Printed version of the same book
This are all the tools you need to find and manage your property. It includes Property Analysis tool Steuerbreater accounting spreadsheet Nebenkosten spreadsheet Nebenkosten cover letter Rent Increase Sample Letter
This book will teach you everything you need to know about German property. From how to search, to getting a mortgage to managing the unit. It includes several money savings tips which could pay for the book many times over.
This is the complete package. It includes both print and PDF versions of my books. All the tools you need to manage your unit. Includes bonus video content.
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