Product Overview - 2 - The Property Guy Germany
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Product Overview – 2



1. Tricks and Bricks Germany The Expat Guide to Renting (PDF or  Print)

This easy-to-understand concise guide walks renters through all the ins and outs of renting property in this culturally-rich nation. Don’t worry about having to deal with unscrupulous landlords or being taken advantage of by shady characters. This guide gives you all the tools you need to understand your rights as an expat and offers a step-by-step process to help you from the first property search to a nice, long stay in this beautiful country.

2. Tricks and Bricks Germany 75 Property Investment Tips (PDF or Print)

75 Property Investment Tips compiles real-life insights and practical must-use tips from experienced investors, mortgage advisers, developers, and real estate agents to help future or current investors manage their units and manage their portfolios.


Inside the pages of this book, you’ll find short and simple tips and 75 curated property investment tips that will take you from A to Z in the German investment property market.


Among the many topics covered are:
• How to invest wiser
• Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
• Networking
• Staging Your Property
• Competing in Hot Markets
• How to Save Money on Taxes
• Finding Good Deals
• Managing Your Unit
• Landlord/Tenant Relationships
• And so much more!

3. Excel Tools: The Complete Package?

  1. Property Analysis spreadsheet

a. Overview:

b. Individual Unit Analysis

c. Side By Side Mortgage Calculator

d. 30 Year Cash Flow Analysis

2. Steuerbreater accounting spreadsheet

You can use this tool to track all your income and expenses. At the end of the year you simply forward it along with all your receipts to your accountant. It couldn’t get any simpler than this.

3. Annual Utilities Statement for your Tenant

Here you just need to enter in the numbers and the calculations are done for you. Than copy and paste into a word doc, print and mail. It’s as simple as that.

Also included is the cover letter, in German with English explanations. You simply need to enter in the numbers attach the property receipt and mail it to your tenant before the end of the year dead line.

Finally I’ve included a sample letter for you to raise the rent.

4. The Complete Guide to German Property (PDF and Print)

The Complete Guide To Property Investment gives you the insight, information and action plan you need to navigate German property landscape and come out on top.

It starts by talking about why Germany. The many advantages as well as some disadvantages. The book continues by explaining the differences between being a landlord here vs elsewhere.

The book walks you through the whole process of searching buying and then managing your property. But it doesn’t end there. There is a chapter on taxation both for residents and non-residents.


You’ll learn:

  • How to search for properties
  • How to find commission free properties
  • Insure you’re not over paying
  • The buying process
  • Getting a Mortgage
  • Managing your property
  • Settling the bills at the end of the year
  • Taxation
  • Includes a chapter on Mulitfamily buildings

Whether you’re a complete novice or have been living in Germany for many years there is something for everyone in this book.

5. The Complete Guide Bundle all of the above

This not only incudes all of the above but all of the following

  • My video series
  • Property Analysis email group
  • Priority Email
  • Inside deals

I have videos not walking through many aspects of the book

I’m always on the outlook for interesting units and regularly run property analysis.

I have contacts through the German real estate industry if you’re interested in buying property I will forward you the best units I find along with a full analysis

Fine Print

The emails and property analysis are not done on a regular basis. Instead when I find something interesting I shoot it out to my subscribers. This means that you might not get anything for months and then suddenly get 3 or 4 emails. It all depends on what I find.

Priority Email: I do read and mostly respond to every email I get but subscriber emails will go to the top of the pile.