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How to Save Money on International Money Transfers

How to Save Money on International Money Transfers

International Money Transfers To and From Germany



Expats in Germany will at some point almost certainly need to wire money, either to Germany or back home. Whether it’s a one time transaction, a downpayment on a property you bought or transferring your rental income to your home bank account.

Whenever you conduct a money transfer, you’ll want to ensure its quick, simple and cost-effective, so you’ll need to find a method of transferring your funds overseas that works for you. A quick google search will tell you there are dozens of companies out there offering money transfer services. Ranging from the well known,  – Western Union to web based only ones.

The biggest hassle in wiring money is setting up the account in the first place. Due to money laundering and anti terrorism rules setting an account to wire money home is a huge hassle. What usually happens is you stick with the first company you choose even if there are better options out there.

The Fees Myth: Why Free isn’t really free


Money Transfers



International Money Transfers


Currency Fair is the money transfer firm I recommend

5 reasons why I recommend Currency Fair over the others I’ve tried

  • Recurring transactions
  • Low fees
  • Option to top up
  • Choose your rate
  • Decent referral bonus

Recurring Transactions

If you send money regularly this is a really nice option, you can automate sending money each month knowing you’re getting not only the best rate but also very reasonable fees.

Low Fees:

Currently 3€ per transaction this vs about 25€ for your local Sparkasse.

Option to top up:

I like this option a lot. I send money to Canada monthly but it’s a small amount, usually just 200€. Each month I transfer the money to Currency fair’s bank account and leave it to build. I keep an eye on the exchange rate and when it’s favorable to me I wire a large sum over.

Choose your Rate:

This is my favorite option and. Every time I want to wire money over I set up a trade and choose a slightly better rate, usually a few fractions of a penny – say 1.512 to 1.520 is, typically, enough to cover the cost of the transaction. So not only am I get the lowest fee but I’m getting the trade, basically, for free! Secondly it makes on a large-scale transfer. A few digits may not seem like much, but when it’s on a large amount of money, it can be the difference of thousands.


International Money Transfers How Much actually arrives

Decent Referral Fee

 Disclosure: I make a referral fee each for each person who signs up.

Most money transfer companies offer some form of referral fee. Currency Fair offers the simplest one. You sign up, transfer some and money and both get 30€. It’s that simple

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