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The Complete Guide To German Property Investment

The Complete Guide to German Property Investment

Become a Successful German Property Investor With The
Most Comprehensive Guide Based on Proven Investment Techniques

Whether you are an expat living in Germany or simply want to capitalize on the lucrative German property market, this book offers everything you need to know to make strategic, profitable investments in the country!

The Complete Guide to German Property Investment provides readers with proven investment strategies based off the experience of author Rob Lederman’s own success as an expat investor and landlord.

Rather than simply writing out step-by-step buying guide for the German market, the book includes a variety of important information for anybody that is looking to invest.

Lederman’s unique approach takes into account all the knowledge he has gathered in his 10+ years as a foreign-born German property investor. He provides in-depth case studies from his own exploits, so that you can have an advantage in everything from buying to managing to paying taxes on a German property.


After years of stagnation, the German property market has become extremely hot in the past two years. This has led to amazing opportunities for investors to capitalize on the explosion of the rental market to become profitable landlords.

The book includes various property investment techniques that have brought Lederman success in both the rental and long-term investment fields. To ensure that you choose the right investment strategy as an expat investor, you need the help of the man who has made it his career for over a decade.

Selecting the Right Investment Property for Your Needs

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Every property investor has to understand what the goals for their investment are. Rather than blindly jumping into a German property, The Complete Guide to German Property Investment assists you in deciding where you should buy, which type of property to purchase, and what the returns you can expect for the future.

Buying a property in another country can pose some issues, most notably navigating the paperwork in a foreign language. However, Lederman guides readers through the entire German property purchase from A-Z, in an insightfully clear and concise format.

How To Manage Your German Investment Property

Once you’ve purchased your property, you need to take the steps to turn it into a profit-making machine! The book offers a wide range of property management information including how to find the right tenants, maintaining the home, and carrying out daily necessities while dealing with the language barrier.

This section uses real-life events to discuss everything from taxation to bill payments to contract negotiations, all extremely helpful when managing a property as an expat

ADDED BONUS: all my tools are now included in the book price

While most expat real estate investors opt for a single unit, some may be interested in acquiring a whole building or large commercial property. Luckily, Lederman’s experience as a landlord has given him the opportunity to understand both sides of the investment industry.

The Complete Guide to German Property Investment also includes additional resources for landlords to save money and manage their units efficiently!

To ensure that you are 100% prepared for German property investment, the book includes a wealth of bonus material specifically designed to aid new landlords!

Industry secret money saving tips, a full Property Analysis spreadsheet, and many more resources for expat landlords to become profitable and success landlords in the German market will be provided when you download the book.

If you are ready to learn the powerful secrets to profitable German property investment from a man that has successfully done it for over 10 years