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Blog Posts

Mitten covered hands holding a hot coffee on a cold day
                Rent in Germany is usually presented as “kalt” (cold) or “warm”     OK you’ve made the big decision to uproot your life and move to Berlin or another city in Germany. You start looking around and you see two similar places, one renting for 550€ warm, the
The German housing market in 2018/2019 Price and rent outlook for Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart Many people are asking  “Is there a bubble forming here?”. The first one was Why German’s think the property market will crash. In that article, I talked about being anchored in your history bias. About how your experiences
In this blog post I talk explain why Germans think the property will crash and why this is wrong   The Psychology of Money Making and the German Property Market I realize that the title of this article is somewhat awkward. The Psychology of Money Making and the German Property Market. My oh my any
Cartoon about winter football Soccer for Americans
Where Summer Goes Winter Follows. I’m posting this just as BBQ season is arriving but you know, as summer follows winter so winter follows summer. This means at some point the nights will begin to get cooler, you’ll need to put away that summer duvet! So this means at some point you’ll have to think about