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Blog Posts

Where Summer Goes Winter Follows.   I’m posting this just as I put away the BBQ. But you know, as summer follows winter so winter follows summer. This means at some point the nights will begin to get cooler, you’ll need to put away that summer duvet! So this means at some point you’ll have to
The Cost of Rent in Germany is skyrocketing.   Note to Landlords: in my book and tools I walk you through the process of legally raising the rent.   I originally wrote this article about Berlin but these days it could apply to any large city in Germany. I would say it’s the first thing you
Building a house in Germany The 5 essential insurances you need   This is a guest post from Patrick Ott an independent broker and founder of  You can follow him on ToytownGermany as well Due to increased demand and less than optimal supply a lot of people are considering going the new build route.
man on balcony lifting lid off of charcoal barbecue
Can I have a barbecue on the balcony?   Ahhh summer has arrived, the weather is nice cold beer, good friends, and a BBQ or grill as the Germans call it. What could be better? Well, as in any city anywhere in the world unhappy neighbors can make life difficult for you and Germany is