About Me - The Property Guy Germany
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About Me


I’ve always been fascinated about investing. I was the kind of person who’d bring in the Financial Times to work to read on my lunch break. While all my co-workers would be talking sports I’d be thinking about marginal tax rates and the impact of the latest budget on small business. It was when I became an accidental landlord here in Germany that I realized that what a excellent investment opportunity there was here. In researching this subject I found that there was a lot of interest but unlike Canada or the US there was very little written in English about being a landlord or how to be a successful property investor. This blog and soon to be publish book came out of my experience in spending time answering questions on expat forums and helping people who were interested in property investment.

About this blog

While I may occasionally talk about other things related to investing, the main focus of this blog will be the German property market and how it relates to the small investor. There are three aspects to property investing. Finding property, understanding taxation and being a landlord. I will discuss all three of those.

My Investment Philosophy

Investing in Germany is less about capital gains or flipping properties for profit but about long term income. I believe the key is finding good properties in a well run building in a location with a good rental market. I look for properties that will provide long term rental income with minimal involvement from the landlord. It takes time and effort to find the right place and I’m here to help you do that.