The Property Guy Germany | 5 Steps to Building a Successful Blog Business
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5 Steps to Building a Successful Blog Business

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5 Steps to Building a Successful Blog Business



This is response to a comment about my blog from someone on millennial money man FB group. Rather than answer it there decided to create a blog post.


Get a Web designer via word of mouth

Getting a website turned out to be a lot more hassle and work than I expected. I ended up having it rebuilt 3 times before it got done right. Looking back I would spent a bit more up and hired someone via recommendations.



I’d especially ask about after care service. How good are they at the 75% mark, when the money’s been spent and new work has come in. Typical complaint is the site gets to 75% and the person starts to lose interest.

Know How you’re going to Monetize the site from the beginning

I knew up front how I was going to make money and designed the site right around that.

Bake SEO in from the beginning

Gawd this one frustrated me to no end. Lady I hired via fiverr had over 2000 5 star reviews. Part way through the process I asked about SEO and she said she didn’t do that. I was serious frustrated with this as it mean having to go back and update the website, huge hassle factor.

Watch your budget

It is super easy to drop a ton of money trying to get you blog going especially at sites like Fiverr. That and SEO is insanely expensive 100s to 1000s per month. Neil Patel is amazing and free

Getting Traffic is work

If you build it will they come?

You don’t need to update your site

This goes against the grain but Settle In Berlin, one of the top sites for his niche has no emailing list, doesn’t update very often but gets a ton of traffic. On the other hand it’s just a hobby blog and he makes no money.

Underwhelm your readers

Again this goes against the grain but I quickly unsubscribed to unsubscribed from Millennia Moneyman and laptop empires. Way way to many emails! I find it hard to believe that he missed one email blast and lost 1000s of subscribers.

Don’t burn out

In my niche (expats in Germany) there are around 300 blogs and of those perhaps 2 or 3 are still being updated. Blogging is hard work and difficult to monetize.

Final thoughts

I may not like millennialmoneyman or laptop empires but I have the upmost respect for them. Building a successful business is very hard work



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