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German Real Estate Investing. I am the author of the complete guide to German Property Investment
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This book has taught thousands of expats just like you powerful secrets to German property investment, allowing them to make informed decisions for long-term returns. Covering all major topics from property acquisition to management, even the most inexperienced investors will become profitable from the information inside!

Everything inside is based off the real world experiences of a profitable investor with over 10 years in the German market, giving you practical advice that you can use immediately in your own investment strategy.

What You’ll Learn When You Buy This Book

Searching And Buying

  • Tips buying a house to live in
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Should I buy a place with a sitting tenant
  • Putting in an offer – are you over paying?
  • The buying process. How it works
  • German mortgages

Managing the Unit

  • Dealing with the language barrier
  • Settling the bills at the end of the year
  • Raising the rent
  • You tenant just gave their notice. What to do!
  • Finding a New Tenant

Tools and Videos

  • Individual unit analysis tool
  • Nebenkosten Calculator
  • Cover letter for annual Nebenkosten
  • Sample Rent Increase
  • How To Videos
  • Sample rent increase letter


  • Understanding how rental income is taxed
  • What deductions you claim
  • How to file a German tax return in English
  • Why you need a Steuerbreater!

Commercial Real Estate

The search for yield has driven investors far and wide. Multi-family units or apartment buildings can offer very attractive low-risk yields (+3%) But the market here is very different from what most investors may be familiar with. Understanding and knowing the differences is the key to profitable investing.

Case Studies

It isn’t just enough to show how to do I have case studies both in the book and on the my blog. Walking you through how an investment might work out work out.

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